Darwin College Boat Club (DCBC) was founded in 1969 by its current President, Dr Chester White. Since then, DCBC has become one of the most successful graduate boat clubs in Cambridge, and has grown into a very social and vibrant community of rowers, coxes and coaches. Rowing is one of the greatest traditions of Cambridge University. It develops both emotional and physical endurance, alongside a sense of team that is unique to the sport, and in DCBC we believe that everyone should give it a go.

As the largest society in Darwin, joining is a great way to get to know both old and new members of the College. You don’t have to be athletic or have rowed previously to be a member. The Captains will match your training schedule to your sporting ability and time availability. Alternatively, you could make a vital contribution to the club as a cox, which is the person directing the boat and delivering race strategies to the crew. Darwin rowers train throughout the academic year and participate in numerous races each term. The main events however are Lent Bumps (March), and May Bumps (June).

We are a relaxed and friendly bunch of graduates, and always encourage anyone who wishes to join DCBC at any level. Putting rowing aside, we regularly get together as a club for garden parties, BBQ’s, pub crawls, fundraising events and general ‘boatie’ fun and laughter. Many rowers find that they forge strong bonds with their teammates, and also easily make friends in other Colleges through swaps with the members of other boat clubs. Rowing is one of the best ways to feel connected to the Cambridge tradition and spirit!

If you can’t wait to get involved with rowing at Darwin as a cox, rower or coach, wander around this site for more information and please feel free to contact the women’s captain Magda Gerigk (Darwin.women@cucbc.org) or the men’s captain Iain Hay (Darwin.men@cucbc.org).

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