Darwin College Boat Club (DCBC) was founded in 1969 by its current President, Dr Chester White. Since then, DCBC has become one of the most successful graduate boat clubs in Cambridge, and has grown into a very social and vibrant community of rowers, coxes, coaches.

DCBC is doing so well thanks to its growing number of members and enthusiastic training; as a result, both Darwin M1 and W1 got blades in Lent Bumps 2015. Darwin College currently has 5 boats (2 men’s, 2 women’s, and a mixed beer boat) entered into in May Bumps.

We are a relaxed and friendly bunch of graduates and are always encouraging anyone who wishes to join DCBC to do so at whatever level. Putting rowing aside, we regularly get together as a club for Garden parties, BBQ’s, Pub drinking sessions, fundraising events and generally ‘boatie’ fun laughter and banter to re-live the moments of success, bad-luck and amusing encounters.

If you can’t wait to get involved with rowing at Darwin as a cox, rower or coach, wander around this site for more information and please feel free to contact one of the captains via email or pigeon hole.