Rowing over Summer

DCBC rowing poster

Missing those early mornings? Always wanting to give rowing a try?

This is your chance!

DCBC is organising a week long Summer Rowing Camp! Fear not, we’re not taking you to Peterborough for a week: we’re simply organising a morning and evening outing each day for a week. You can do as many outings as you’d like!

We’ll be kicking off Saturday 8 August with a pub crawl, and after an induction on Sunday we’ll be rowing all week through, culminating in some races on Saturday the 15th . All that hard work will be rewarded with a BBQ at Darwin after the racing (so still on the 15th).

ANYONE can take part. And we mean anyone. Whether you’re a member of staff, a student (of any college), whether you’ve rowed since you could talk or whether you’ve never been in a boat, we’d like to have you on board!

All you need to do is sign up via our Google Form before 5 August.

You’ll be send a full confirmed programme soon after, along with details of payment. We do ask for a measly £7 to cover costs (mainly the BBQ).

Any questions, please contact Hannah (hej33)  or Darragh (

Boatie love,

Darragh (Men’s Captain) & Hannah (Women’s Captain).

May Bumps 2015

Despite Darwin not baring blades this year of Mays, DCBC certainly had many things to celebrate by the end of bumps! We are all extremely proud of the amount of effort put into this cherished sporting event and the club would like to thank all rowers, captains, coaches and alumni members who gave their support near and far!

Here is a summary of the results:


Darwin M2 moved up into the third division! A fabulously proud moment for the club. The boys and their cox, Becki, showed great perseverance by rowing 5 races and bumping 4 times! Unfortunately, their initial row-over stopped them from winning blades. But for the club, this crew won the blades of our hearts.

Darwin W2 rowed over on the last day, narrowly missing out on blades. The girls and their cox, Guillaume, wowed the spectators and CamFM by showing what a committed and focused crew can do. @takeapuntcam captured W2 on the first day post-bump and  their captain and stroke, Marion, vividly displayed the crew’s happiness (and relief)!

Darwin M1 started off swimmingly and the third day proved hardest when they rowed-over. Their bow, Jan, stated that it was “the hardest race that I ever rowed. It didn’t end well but it was a good one.” This sporting attitude is a clear testimony to the positive mentality harboured by the crew members. Here you can see how difficult it is to catch the boat in front of you!

Darwin W1 started off with an impressive a row-over but were struck with misfortune on the following days. The crew would like to thank Devin, 7 seat in W2 and social secretary (and wonder-woman!), who kindly substituted on the first day of Bumps due to a W1 rower feeling under the weather. Despite all of this, W1 was an adamant supporter and voiced out their pride and joy for the other Darwin crews during their respective races.

Darwin M3, our beloved fellows boat, showed considerable efforts but did not score a bump. Watch a slow-motion video of this crew that undeniably proves that rowing is accessible to everyone. True respect.

All was wrapped up with an incredible boat club dinner for Mays 2015 and we, again, can not find the words to thank everyone for their support during Bumps but also during the entire year.

“It was chaos, there were blades everywhere, a lot of passion and enthusiasm and no idea what we were doing. […] That’s how rowing started and should be – it was fun and the high of winning”
Katherine Grainger in a university all-sports match between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

DCBC races Xpress 2015

M1 and W1 raced in the Xpress race on June 2nd, 2015 on the Cam river. The teams covered 2.1km in the following times:

8min09sec for M1
9min43 sec for W1

Our additional M3 crew raced the course in 10min00sec.


Men’s 1 VIII:
Darragh (Coach)
Ala (Cox)

Stroke – Matt
Seven – Andy
Six – Chris
Five – Flo
Four – Alex C
Three – DJ
Two – Laurens (Men’s Captain)
Jan – Bow

Women’s 1 VIII:
Lindsey (Coach)
Christina E (Cox)

Stroke – Lizzy
Seven – Claire
Six – Luisa
Five – Christina S
Four – Melissa (sub)
Three – Ariana (Women’s Captain)
Two – Madeline (sub)
Bow – Ying

Less than a week remains before the start of May Bumps 2015. We hope to see as many of you as possible cheering from Ditton and Grassy corner. Our crews have put in their maximum effort to win Blades and we hope their commitment to the club will be rewarded!

We would like to thank our captains and coaches for giving up their time and expertise to each individual member of DCBC.


W1 crew

M1 crew


M3 crew

Lent Bumps 2015: Heroic efforts award M1 and W1 blades!

 Darwin College Boat Club stepped up to the plate for this Lent Bumps series 2015.

A huge congratulations to both our first men and women’s first crews as M1 and W1 were rightfully awarded blades!!

M1 wrapped up DCBC’s achievements by bumping First and Third M2 under the roaring encouragements of Grassy corner spectators. Just before W1 bumped Lady Margaret W2 and a mixture of relief, joy and disbelief of what had just been achieved washed over our beloved old ladies of Silver Street. Age is relative. Victory is not.

The W2 girls claimed back their rightful position as they bumped St Catherine W3 just after the motor way bridge. This novice crew rowed home proud knowing that bumping three out of four days was a solid result.

Our M2 crew wasn’t so lucky but were equally present during the evening celebrations and DCBC is confident in their potential.


A huge thank you to those who came to bank party and who encouraged our crews both from the river banks and internationally. The invaluable support will always be appreciated. The bright blue yellow-crested uni-suit has risen in fame!


Ala, our M1 cox, holds the gargantuan Darwin flag and claims blades!


M1 in their final chase before they bump First and Third M2 on Grassy Corner!


Former rower and W1 cox, Christina, holds high the Darwin flag as the W1 women realise they’ve won blades!


W1 rowing home proud.



W2 displaying their victory foliage


Last day and W2 rows home with three bumps out of 4!


Now, I have one last thing to say…

Bring on May Bumps 2015!

Lent Bumps 2015: M1 and W1 score a hatrick

Darwin continue to climb the Bumps chart as M1 and W1 bump their respective crews yet again!

DCBC showed a spectacular performance in the sun!

W2, covered in war paint, bumped Murray Edwards W3 just after the motorway bridge. M2 were bumped by Wolfson M2 but our M2 cox, Becki, assured us “we put up a very strong race!”.

Darwin W2 get a special feature @camfm972

Darwin W2 get a special feature @camfm972

Onto our first crews! W1 bumped Newnham W2 before Grassy corner and M1 bumped Queens’ M2 before First Post!

W1 hold up three victorious digits!

W1 hold up three victorious digits!


Follow the final Lent Bumps action tomorrow on CamFM and cheer on our Darwin crews.


Lent Bumps 2015: Halfway Point

DCBC is displaying some tremendously strong potential for the Lent Bumps 2015. We started off by qualifying two novice crews for Lent Bumps (M2 and W2) on the Getting On Race last Friday 20th of February. One of our dear Darwin fellows congratulated us on this achievement, stating that Darwin had rarely entered this many crews for Lent Bumps!

Day 1 was welcomed with unexpected warm weather and sunshine. W2 didn’t lose any time and swiftly bumped Clare Hall before the motorway bridge. M2 were cheered on by some of our Darwinian supporters and rowed over. Corpus Christi were clearly having a bad day, which turned into Darwin’s advantage as both W1 and M1 bumped the respective Corpus crews!

M2 glisten in the sun as they row over

M2 glisten in the sun as they row over

M1 carries their invaluable cox celebrating bump 1 out of 4

M1 carries their invaluable cox celebrating bump 1 out of 4

W2, consisting of mainly novices, display their victory foliage

W2, consisting of mainly novices, display their victory foliage

W1 kicks off Bumps by bumping Corpus Christi down the chart

W1 kicks off Bumps by bumping Corpus Christi down the chart

Day 2 resumed in good old english drizzle. W2 chased St Catz and missed a second bump by a hair. M2 got bumped by Corpus Christi M2. The Darwin men and women’s first crews successfully bumped for a second time! W1 bumped Robinson W1 and M1 bumped Sidney Sussex M1! Day by day, Darwin is gaining on the infamous Lent Bumps chart.



Stay tuned with CamFM for live updates on the final two days of bumps.

Show your support by browsing our Darwin College Boat Club Facebook Page.

Happy Lent Bumps everyone!

Tragedy has befallen our beloved Chester White

DCBC regrettably announces a traumatising event. Our cherished M1 boat, Chester White, was skewered and greatly damaged this very morning on an outing by Kings College Boat Club.

Thankfully, rowers and cox are all safe and unharmed.

We would like to thank Caius, Girton and Wolfson for offering help and potential spare boats right away.

We are hoping for a rapid substitution for Lent Bumps and we welcome any offers or suggestions from the Cambridge rowing community for replacing our poor and beloved boat.

Yours truly,
A traumatised and saddened DCBC


M1 crew gives an ode to good old Chester

M1 crew gives an ode to good old Chester

Our poor Chester

Our poor Chester

Clare Novice and Fairbairns Extravaganza 2014


Another couple of 800m in the legs! Everyone made it to the quarter finals and Darwin College Boat Club is beaming. The novice crews can only excel from now on.

Our lovely cox Ala and novice rower Owen Burbidge captured some beautiful shots of the races and we’re all delighted to show off our crews on social media. Your talents are well appreciated!




Next up was Fairbairns Cup, spanning over 2k for the novice crews and over 4k for the senior crews!  Our novices stepped up to plate without fail and here are the results:

  • Darwin NM1 – 6th with 10:35.8
  • Darwin NW1 – 14th with 12:41.0
  • Darwin NM2 – 17th with 12:34.0
  • Darwin M1 – 30th with 16:13.0
  • Darwin W1 – 22nd with 18:35.1


More photographs of Fairbairns can be found here:

DCBC would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and sincerely hopes that you all enjoyed your time on the river, whether it be the first time you touched an oar or if you’re a old-timer passionate.

Boatie love,

First Novice Race of Term: Emma Sprints

Following our excellent results from Queens Ergs (NM1 first place and NMW2 second place with a strong performance from our NM2, NM3 and NW2 crews), Darwin College Boat Club is announcing details for the first race of Michaelmas!

This Sunday 23rd of November will mark the first novice race of term: Emma Sprints.

This race focuses on the spirit of the competition rather than the end result (but we all know Darwin is going to come on top). It’s a themed race and a prize will be awarded to the crew with the best costume! So, let your inspiration evolve!

Darwin is fielding three novice men crews and two novice women crews.

Click here to find out when each team is rowing. Marshalling times indicate when each race begins. Live-updates will be available on the day of the race.

The Divisions will race at the following times, with marshalling times in brackets:

  • Darwin NM3 – 9:25am (09:10am)
  • Darwin NW2 – 10:50am (10:35am)
  • Darwin NM2 – 12:15pm (12:00pm)
  • Darwin NW1 – 1:40pm (01:25pm)
  • Darwin NM1 – 03:05pm (02:50pm)

Race trajectory map


Emma Sprints Trajectory

Furthermore, Emma college is hosting an event in the evening of the Sprints where cocktails, live jazz and fun people will be available for your enjoyment. All are welcome! Click here for more info.

Best of luck to all our teams and see you all on the river!