May Bumps 2014

Here we name crew members of all the different crews that took part in May Bumps 2014, that took place between June 11 25 and June 14, 2014. Click on specific menus to see more details on each crew.


Coach: Christopher Halls

Cox: Kara Brodie
Stroke: Laurens Geffert
7: Florian Roessler (Captain)
6: David Love
5: Eamon Callison
4: Chris Schreiber
3: Konstantin Matthies
2: Tim Jones
Bow: Dean Rynhoud


May Bumps 2014 (25 of 44)
M1 win blades in Mays 2014


Coaches: Lindsey Tate, Michael J. Gifford
Cox: Veronique Pouthas
Stroke: Melissa Antoniou-Kourounioti
7: Claire Raisen (Captain)
6: Kate Campbell
5: Anouska Bartlett *
4: Elizabeth Green
3: Christina Schweitzer
2: Iva Cek
Bow: Ying Qin


Coach: Warren Kerley

Cox: Olivier Coulon
Stroke: Martin Felle
7: Anthony Wainman
6: Daire Rowlands
5: Nick Murphy
4: Simon Edery/Michael Menden
3: Andy Howell
2: Philipp Braeuninger-Weimer
Bow: Jan Kvasnicka





Coaches: Daire Rowlands, Jan Kvasnicka, Claire Raisen etc.

Cox: Claire Raisen

Stroke: Kelly Farrow
7: Ariana Phillips (W2 Captain)
6: Bella Nguyen
5: Brianna Botchwey
4: Katerina Klubickova
3: Christina Ernst
2: Jennie Berneke
Bow: Merve Sancak/Xiaoting Wu


May Bumps 2014 (9 of 44)
W2 win blades!!!
W2 win blades!!!
W2 win blades!!!


Cox: Ady Suwardi
Stroke: Giles Shaw
7:  Tine Curk
6: Michael Menden
5: Nicholas Koehler
4: Tex Adkins
3: Shri Gugan
2: Shashank Srinivasan
Bow: William Webster


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